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Exterior Detail Packages

Our exterior detail packages are aimed at bringing your finish back to life.
These packages start with Bubbles Hand Wash & Dry, as well as a preliminary
interior cleaning. Then our polish technicians work their magic. We offer two
levels of power polishing, depending on the condition and maintenance of
your vehicle’s paint. 

Protective Polish & Wax Package

After performing our Works Package, our expert Polish Technicians perform
the  maintenance polish & wax service. This includes a single-stage power
polish, exterior vinyl protection, and tire dressing.
This package is to maintain protection and that showroom shine and should
be performed twice a year. If you notice brake dust, rust blooms or other
contamination on your finish, we recommend opting for paint
decontamination and clay-bar before seating in the shine.

Corrective Polish & Wax Package

We begin by performing a full decontamination of your paint. This removes
brake dust, tar, rust blooms, and other contaminants. We then proceed with a
2 or 3 stage polish to correct imperfections and seal in the shine. This package
requires a lot of TLC, so we recommend leaving your vehicle with us for 4-6

This package is for vehicles that may have missed regular finish maintenance
and for vehicles requiring finish decontamination and corrective polishing
due to paint blemishes, swirl marks, scuffs.


Decontamination Services

Is your car missing that “show-room shine” it once had? If you’ve washed and
waxed but you still can’t get it back to its former glory, then it’s likely that your
paint is ridden with millions of microscopic contaminants. 

Common culprits of paint contamination are road salt deicers, ‘hard’ water,
ferrous particles, rail dust, industrial fallout, brake dust, tree sap, bug remains,
bird droppings, and more.

Washing your car won’t rid your vehicle of most contaminants, some sit on
the surface while others embed themselves in your clearcoat. Slide your hand
along the finish of your clean car. It should be buttery soft! We offer three
services to target either your paint, rims or chrome accessories.

Paint Decontamination

We do a full decontamination of your paint using both chemical and physical
removal techniques. This removes brake dust, road paint, tar, rust blooms,
and paint transfer.  

Chemical Rim Wash

We do a full decontamination of rims.  This removes common contaminants
and leaves your rims shiny again.

Chrome Polish

We transform rusty, tarnished chrome bumpers, wheels and accessories to
their original lustre.

More Detailing Services:

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