Ceramic Coating

GT Quartz

GT Quartz

Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centres are proud to be elite authorized application centers for GT Quartz. We are excited to bring these top of the line nano ceramic coatings which truly transform the depth, colour and shine and offer superior, long lasting protection.

Harnessing nano-technology to tap into the fountain of youth

GT Quartz Nano-Ceramics use nano-particles of Silicone Dioxide, A.K.A. Quartz, to fill in the micro-pores in your factory clear coat. The product goes on as a liquid, but when is exposed to the moisture in the air it polymerizes and forms an ultra-hard coating. To give you an idea of just how hard this coating is, it increases your factory paint from a 4H on the Mohs hardness scale, to a 9H (diamond is rated at 10H). Our premium product, GT Quartz Titanium, is enriched with Titanium Dioxide and achieves a hardness higher than 9H. That’s pretty tough! This coating is designed to offer ultimate protection while bringing out the deepest depth of colour in you paint. The result is a super-resistant armor that stays ultra-shiny for years to come.

The hydrophobic finish repels water and contaminants, protecting it from the blemishes we often see through a tough Canadian winter. This means that it will stay clean longer and will be easier to wash when it does get dirty. You’ll see us less, but we’re offering a YEAR’S FREE EXTERIOR WASHES with our premium GT Quartz Titanium coating.

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Your Finish & What you can expect

It is imperative that each surface be flawlessly prepared as GT Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating is semi-permanent and magnifies imperfections. Paint correction is painstakingly performed to correct your surface up to 95%. This portion of the service is not only the most crucial but also takes the most time and effort. Once we achieve a great finish, we seal it with two applications of GT Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating. 

The result? The deepest, most intense colour and shine that you did not even know was possible! 

The best part? It’s easy to maintain and we refresh the coating once a year to keep your ride looking this good!

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We stand by our work

Ceramic coatings are an investment in your vehicle. A coating will protect from scratching and staining from tree sap, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and brake dust. Not to mention it will stay as shiny as the day you drove it off the lot! Gliptone has been manufacturing the best quality car-care products for over 70 years, and we’re proud to be their exclusive GT Quartz application center in both Alberta and the Okanagan, BC. All of the coatings performed by a certified technician (that’s us!) and are all backed by warranty. 

before and after GT Quartz Mustang
Mustang After GT Quartz

Not just about the finish

Ceramics are for more than just paint- we offer coatings for:


Vinyl Plastic Trim



Ceramic coat windows
PRICING – We keep it simple!

Our pricing includes the paint preparation and paint correction services along with the coating. 

Our Select level pricing starts at just $1799 – ALL IN! Stop in for a personalized quotation for your finish!


As with all of our other services, you don’t need an appointment for the GT Quartz coatings. This service does take time with our Select level ranging from about 4-6 hours, the Professional from 5-8 hours and we will need the vehicle for 48 hours for our Titanium service. You are welcome to arrange this with our location manager or simply stop in.